Amy Foxworthy

Writer, Editor, and Content Creator

My name is Amy. I am a freelance writer, blogger, ghostwriter, editor and social media enthusiast.

Some of my experience includes ghostwriting for government officials, drafting and disseminating press releases, constituent correspondence, technical writing, legal writing, political satire, humor, political activism/opinion blogging, social media management, entertainment journalism and interviews.                     

About Me

In love with writing since first learning how to hold a pencil, I've always known that was what I was here to do. The art of crafty word selection has always intrigued me, and I am particularly interested in issues of social, political and cultural subject matter, but have love and appreciation for all types of writing.

I’m a marketing copywriter and freelance writer, and my former day job was writing for members of my state's legislative body. In the past, I have served as Public Information Officer for a governmental agency, served on an in-house technical communications team, and will work with a select number of clients on a freelance or contract basis.

I have returned to school to study Journalism at Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis and have previously worked in corporate marketing for law firms, in-house communications for an office of 100 employees, and handled non-profit communication for a trade organization.

Some of my hobbies include reading about, listening to, playing and creating music, watching documentaries, collecting Wonder Woman and Beatles paraphernalia, learning about philosophy, political science, public affairs, pop culture, travel, sports, space, activism and other cultures.

A valued skill that I have is the ability to explain otherwise complicated issues and making them understandable to the lay person.                     



  • Professional correspondence to consumers, government executives, and the private sector
  • Press releases and Consumer Alerts for companies and governmental entities
  • Discovery questions and responses on behalf of attorneys and clients
  • Legislative summaries of complicated pieces of state and federal legislation
  • Perform several in depth interviews with prominent and local entertainers
  • Blog posts for private companies and individuals
  • Research papers on a multitude of topics including art, music, political science, the legal system, race relations, and environmental issues
  • Informative newsletters for trade organizations and governmental entities
  • Op-ed pieces for political campaigns


  • Personal and professional blog posts for web developers, lobbying organizations and artists
  • Website content for a trade organization
  • Legal research papers for attorneys
  • Online news articles
  • Grant applications for both governmental entities as well as personal interests
  • Newsletters of various organizations
  • Editorials

Content Creation

  • Social media content writing and maintenance for elected officials
  • Planned and organized the information architecture for public facing trade organization website
  • Created, edited copy for internal pages
  • Participated in selection of proper branding and branding guidelines
  • Regularly updated content to maintain consumer engagement

Other Skills

Proof Reading Summary Crafting Ghostwriting
Social Media Information Architecture Content Management Systems
Small Business Marketing Lobbying Public Relations
Event Coordination Civic and Legal Writing Transcription

Writing Samples ** "Due to the sensitive and sometimes confidential nature of my past roles, I am unable to provide specific examples of some of my work" **


If you'd like to learn more about how I will help create high-quality blog content and web copy, please contact me using the form below to inquire about my freelance services. I will get back to you as soon as possible; usually within one business day.

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